In the streets of San Francisco

The radio show Below Zero had this wonderful idea to invite us to play in San Francisco. Believe me, we didn’t hesitate long ! :) We had a blast there. The day after our concert at the Red Devil Lounge, we hanged around the city in the famous Haight Ashbury district. Ashbury, of course, we had to go there don’t you think ? We stopped at Alamo Square and took out our instruments….

YouTube Preview ImageSHINE performing “Mind Dance” acoustic in Alamo Square, San Francisco, California

P.S : Many thanks to Mason Rothert, Stephen Sinikus Wilson, Brian Peek, Sarika Dagar, Mixman Shawn, Red Broad, Holly Wilson Rothert & everybody @ Below Zero.

Massive Attic

How many hours, how many days, how many years (saturday nights included !) spent in the attic listening to jazz, blowing the hell out in my horn “along” Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, the Brecker Brothers, Wayne Shorter, Joe Henderson, Branford Marsalis… (without having a clue about what I was doing of course). Yes I used to be a serious geek. One the weirdest. I confess it today. It took me a few more years of rehab to feel as a part of the real world again.
Now I’m fine, thank you :) I have a social life, I even know who hits the charts (more or less) but one thing will remain the same : I don’t have a single memory of the 90′s. I was in the attic.

The day I missed Peter Gabriel for ever (Guillaume)

Back in 1986, I was 12 going on 13. My brother got these tickets to see Peter Gabriel live – the SO tour ! I had just spent the whole summer listening to the LP tape until it totally faded out (I would even play it loud in the bathroom, wow the echo on Red Rain). I was SO excited. Then, the drama happened : I got the worst mark ever at some kind of math exam; who cares about second degree equations anyway ? Well my parents did. The punishment was terrible. No concert of Peter Gabriel for me. I still haven’t seen him live since. Like that day I missed him for ever.
YouTube Preview Image