In the streets of San Francisco

The radio show Below Zero had this wonderful idea to invite us to play in San Francisco. Believe me, we didn’t hesitate long ! :) We had a blast there. The day after our concert at the Red Devil Lounge, we hanged around the city in the famous Haight Ashbury district. Ashbury, of course, we had to go there don’t you think ? We stopped at Alamo Square and took out our instruments….

YouTube Preview ImageSHINE performing “Mind Dance” acoustic in Alamo Square, San Francisco, California

P.S : Many thanks to Mason Rothert, Stephen Sinikus Wilson, Brian Peek, Sarika Dagar, Mixman Shawn, Red Broad, Holly Wilson Rothert & everybody @ Below Zero.

By the Colorado river

How can we believe that less than a year before, we had not yet met with Terry Reid, the song “Feel right” did not exist, that SXSW was a dream for us and Austin just an inaccessible city ?
Yet, without having had time to really achieve, we ended up there, by the Colorado River, our instruments in the hands, smiling, a few Frenchies in the Texas sun.
Tomorrow Happens here. That is the motto of the SXSW festival. We could not find better.

Shine performing “Feel right” and “Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime” (original by the Korgis) acoustic in Austin, Texas (SXSW)
YouTube Preview Image

P.S : Thanks to Christina & Peyton for their wonderful support.