My Shine week (by Guillaume S.) – Monday

Well, today, we’re starting a new thing. We’ll be sharing with you for a week (each member of the band will have his turn) what we like, what we think (hopefully) about what’s going on in our world. Then we’ll be discussing about it here on this blog (feel free to share with us what you dig!).
As someone has to start some time, I go first (wish me luck) :


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I’ve been enjoying this radio show for years. I love the blurry atmosphere, the wide sound, the creative guests, it’s all there. Yeah, I love Mornings become Eclectic on KCRW. Here is the live session of the great Minus The Bear. It’s my 54th view today. And I’m getting back to it…

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  1. eonavlys

    excellent, avec une petite influence GENESISienne au gout du jour. Très bien construit.


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