By the Colorado river

How can we believe that less than a year before, we had not yet met with Terry Reid, the song “Feel right” did not exist, that SXSW was a dream for us and Austin just an inaccessible city ?
Yet, without having had time to really achieve, we ended up there, by the Colorado River, our instruments in the hands, smiling, a few Frenchies in the Texas sun.
Tomorrow Happens here. That is the motto of the SXSW festival. We could not find better.

Shine performing “Feel right” and “Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime” (original by the Korgis) acoustic in Austin, Texas (SXSW)
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P.S : Thanks to Christina & Peyton for their wonderful support.

Interview – Live4ever (USA)

After SHINE’s EP collaboration with English guitar legend Terry Reid caught our site’s attention (review), we had the pleasure to see the French band perform at this year’s SXSW festival. We recently caught up with song writer Guillaume Simon to chat about their experiences in the recording studio with rock mentor Reid, gigging in unusual places, the group’s future and why the French National football team doesn’t quite do him proud.

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France Rocks Austin

The France Rocks Austin 2010 Sampler including Shine, Brisa Roché, Cocoon, Dead Sexy Inc, General Elektriks… is available to Download in its entirety here

Shine live @ SXSW on Saturday March 20 (St David’s Historic Sanctuary / 9pm)